Bigelow Website Innovation provides professional support for all your website, IT-infrastructure and consulting needs.

There are various support scenarios where time and money can be saved by remotely operating a customer’s PC. Remote support is made possible using a product called TeamViewer. Clients that require this service are provided with a small stand-alone program.

Support work is billed at CHF 120.- per hour (excluding VAT) in 15-minute increments. Normally the client is billed according to the time it takes to complete the job, however for complex cases a fixed-price offer can be arranged.

. . . There is no shortage of important news, but rather the time needed to present this information on your website. If you need assistance in adding website content, upgrading a module to the latest version or recovering data from a backup, etc., then our support service is ready to help.

The following list provides examples of typical "website-related" support tasks.

  • Make minor changes to the website appearance and/or functionality.

  • Add new user accounts and configure access rights.

  • Investigate and resolve various technical problems.

  • Process images and add these to an existing web page.

  • SEO-analysis followed by steps that should improve search engine results.

  • Performance analysis and tuning to minimize the response time.

  • Perform a security audit and if necessary, take corrective action.

  • Upgrades: DNN platform, design theme, modules components.

  • Restore data from a backup copy.

  • HTML-Email: Design, configuration, delivery and campaign feedback report.
The following list provides examples of typical "informatics-related" support activities.

  • Install and configure an SSL-certificate on the IIS webserver to enable an HTTPS connection to your website.

  • Install and configure a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to centralize and protect data using the redundant array of independent disks (RAID) concept.

  • Install and configure an external router to improve LAN and WLAN security and performance.

  • Install and configure an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect business-critical IT-infrastructure against mains power failure.

  • Implement an automated backup solution to protection data assets and minimize the disruption to business-continuity in the event of a disaster.

  • Secure Windows-based PCs using a multi-layered protection strategy. For the highest standard in security and privacy we recommend "Qubes-OS" as the host operating system to run Windows in a virtual machine.

  • Perform a security audit of the entire IT-environment and if necessary, take corrective action.

  • We can architect a customized IT-environment for your business to optimize workplace efficiency and satisfy extreme security requirements. With such a system in place you can run essential business applications, automate processes such as backups and manage your website. With many years of experience and knowledge of the latest technologies we are able to select the best components and integrate these into an optimal solution. The cost of the components plus the time required to build, configure and test the system is specified in a fixed-price offer. A service contract is available upon request. The diagram below shows an example of a robust and highly-secure IT environment.
The following list provides examples of typical "consulting-related" support tasks.

  • Show the client how to perform a given task either in person or via a remote connection.

  • Perform training at the customer's site to teach DNN website administration and content-editing skills.

  • Present strategic plans for the company website, IT-infrastructure and data security.

  • Present and demonstrate Microsoft's Azure cloud-computing platform.

  • Present the latest in digital marketing tools and services.

  • Collaborate with the client on a new Logo design, branding and corporate identity.