The state of your website is continuously monitored and maintained to protect your investment and ensure continuous availability. With your website managed by professionals, you can focus on your business and leave the technology to us. The IT-infrastructure is provided by the Swiss company, Simple Hosting GmbH.


Together with our hosting partner in Zurich we ensure that your website is

  • Stable: The IT environment is optimized to run the DNN Content Management System (CMS).

  • Private: All servers (Web, Email, FTP, Database) and backup files are located in Switzerland.

  • Secure: Website and Email data is backed up every 24-hours and stored at 3 geographic regions.

  • Reliable: Website performance and functionality are constantly monitored to detect abnormal conditions.

  • Protected: Internet firewalls, Intrusion-Spam-Virus Detection & Prevention, Hardware-redundancy.

  • Fast: SSD storage cluster, Dedicated application memory, MSSQL Database, IIS Web-Server. 

  • Supported: Monday to Friday (8 - 12, 13 - 17) with feedback within 7 hours (max) relative to the business day.